Time to get this blog moving!

I haven’t posted in forever!  School is out and our summer has begun.

I am tired this morning.  David and I stayed up late watching the Lost finale.  It was crazy.  There were parts about it that I just loved, but there are still so many unanswered questions!  So we stayed up late watching that, and then I dreamed about that darn show the entire night.  Then Davey got into bed with us after he had a bad dream.  So then a good part of the night was him not rolling me off the bed. 🙂

Yesterday we went to see Papa Jerry and Pearl.  We had a nice afternoon with them.  It had been too long since we went out there.  We hope to go back this week and fish with them.   There is this pretty little community lake right outside of Glenwood.  We took Davey there on our way home yesterday.  He loved throwing rocks.

Will put up a few pictures.  We also spent yesterday morning working on our front yard.  The gravel on the walk is done.  We mulched.  We planted some flowers.  I lined the front bed with rocks.  David added a 2×8 board ledge and stained it.  Davey played with his water and pots and pans!

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