Joy of Sox!

It’s Tuesday morning, and we are getting ready to go see Pa in Texarkana.  It’s hot here in Arkansas.  Hot and humid.  My hair is just barely long enough for a stubby ponytail.  It’s not glamorous, but it keeps the hair off my neck somewhat!  (except for all the straggly pieces hanging down.)

I am considering a new project.  It might be kind of crazy!  I checked out the knitting book The Joy of Sox by Linda Kopp last week.  I love it.  There are the best sock patterns, and there are such a variety of them.  I am thinking about knitting my way through the book.  I could just learn a ton about all different kinds of socks, and I like nearly every pattern.  The thought of taking some of them on is kind of scaring me, but the challenge would be great!

And no blog post would be complete without mention of Davey.  He’s excited to go to Texarkana.  Chuck E Cheese here we come.  I am taking my knitting!

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