Irresistible Yarn

The other day I started knitting on my “Take out for Two” long socks.   All I have so far is this small not very long tube of 2×2 rib.  Unfortunately, I made the mistake of leaving it on the couch in the living room.  Alone.  Along comes Davey which I didn’t realize could be such a dangerous thing.  I came back into the room, and the knitted tube was on the floor behind the couch.  The needles were scattered across the floor in front of the couch.  It was a mess.  I looked at Davey.  Was he part cat?  I am allergic to cats, but don’t they also have a love for yarn?

Davey has run off with my yarn before.  He will grab the ball which is attached to the knitting in my hands and run for his life.  It seems to be irresistible to him.  He has no impulse control at all even when I am vaporizing because my project is rapidly disappearing.   He finds it very funny.  I think this behavior is along the same lines as him turning the hose on me to hear me (or anyone) squeal.

Oh and I am down to the toe on the 2nd “Two for Tango” sock.  I will finish it today!  The fair isle portion of the second sock is still a little tight – it finally occurred to me that it may be the fit on me – maybe it is just a little too small.  I am going to check the gauge and see if it’s close.  I haven’t done that yet.

Yesterday was a great 4th.  No fireworks for us (Davey was fast asleep by 7:30) but we cooked out, played in the river, and went to the waterpark.

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