Getting Settled in London and the Two to Tango Socks are done!

Yesterday I went to the Stitch London blog to see if there was any news about or sightings of my mini-me.   I was happy to see that they had photographs posted of the museum display!  There were 259 Stitched Selves submitted. It took me awhile, but I found my mini Christina.  Here’s a photo of the entire display:

Here is one more focusing in more on my little stitched self:

Thanks David for putting in the helpful circles and arrows for me!  Just think, a little stitched self from Arkansas all the way over in London.  So fun.  I still wish they could send her back to me someday.

And then:  The Two to Tango socks are done!  I blocked them to my feet and I am pretty happy with them.  David helped me get some pictures.  Doing the contortionist thing trying to photograph my own feet was kind of painful.

I like this picture even better:

and this one:

So now it is on to Sock Number 3 in The Joy of Sox : Takeout for Two.  I will post a photo of my progress tomorrow.  I have the foot done (that’s easy to say when you don’t have to knit a toe OR a heel!), and I am working on the ankle.  I am knitting with sportweight yarn so it feels like it is knitting up really fast.

Happy Tuesday!  Davey and I are going to go “stroll”!

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