Takeout for one is Ready!

Finished my first “Takeout for Two” Sock.  I wove in all the ends this morning.  I have found that it’s not so much that I mind weaving in the ends.  Instead, it’s just that I worry that I am not doing it well enough, and I will put on my sock and see large gaping holes.  It appears to have gone fine this time though.  (No large gaping holes.)

I don’t know why my toes are all scrunched in this photo.  Actually I do.  My toes are cringing from the scrutiny of the camera. I was already thinking that I might have to ask David to do some photoshop work on them.

Davey likes to get into my sock photos now.  That’s fine with me.  I love to see his little toes in my photos!

I never would have made these had I not committed to knitting every pattern in the book.  I would have thought, “nah, a long sock like this is just not really me”.  But I love them!  They are so comfy that I have a feeling I will wear them constantly in the winter.  I even wanted to leave this first one on today for awhile despite the humidity and heat here!

The Knit Picks Stroll Sport has been really nice to knit with as well.

Happy Friday – Davey is ready to play!

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