Have a Little Faith

I read a really good book yesterday afternoon.  Maybe I am the last person to know about this book, but it is going down as one of my favorite books ever.   It’s by Mitch Albom and it’s called Have a Little Faith.  It was so interesting and inspiring that I read it yesterday just as fast as my eyes would take me.  So I am going to read it again – which is ideally what I would do with every good book I read.   Then maybe a year later I wouldn’t be draw such a blank when I tried to remember a single detail.  I am not even going to describe it as I can’t do it justice.  I think though that Mitch Albom is an incredible writer.   How’s that for a not very informative book recommendation.  Just read it if you haven’t!

I am working on “Takeout for Two” sock 2.  I am almost done with the foot.  Here’s a cool thing about these socks.  They don’t match.  The striping is different on each sock.  When I looked at the pictures of the socks at first, I didn’t even notice this.  I really like that they are different.   Cool idea.

Last week, I took some pictures of Davey where he was just really grinning for me.   I hoped they were going to be good ones.  However, for some absolutely unknown reason I’d turned on my macro setting which really messed up the light. Why in the world did I do that?   So I sent them to David for some photoshop work.  He did the best he could with what I’d sent.

Here’s just one.  I love his smile.

And finally, I found this video about handwork on the Mason Dixon knitting blog.  Inspiring for anyone who loves working with their hands.

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