Pattern 3 Complete. Popsicle Party to Celebrate!

We probably need to do something about the porch as our lovely backdrop for our sock photos.  I need to talk to my photographer and his assistant about that.  (the Davids.)   I do appreciate my assistant’s willingness to put his feet in my photos though:

Anyway, this was a fun pattern.  Very easy knit, but I did try something different on the second sock.  Whenever I changed colors, I wove in my ends along with my new yarn color for a short distance.  (Like you do in fair isle periodically so your strands don’t get too long and really mess with the tension.  That explanation may not make a bit of sense. ) Maybe this is something I should have known to do anyway.  I don’t know. It worked well though.  Then when I was finished, I took those ends and wove them in a little more before I trimmed them.  It made for a neater more secure finish.

Davey and I had a popsicle party to celebrate.  (we celebrate something almost daily.  If we don’t have anything in particular to celebrate then we call it a popsicle picnic.)

We went back to the front porch because our “popsicle chairs” (lawn chairs) were all wet.  It’s raining here.   In this photo Davey is explaining to me that his push-up is “Cool and Refreshin'”.

Then we practiced expressions:

Davey is scared!

Now Davey is sad:


And I am very excited myself to start Pattern #4 Rock-a-Bye.  I am using the Knit Picks Stroll yarn.  I used this for my little fishies yarn, and it was great to knit with, plus I love the variations in color.  I am using the color Canopy.  Time to cast on!

2 thoughts on “Pattern 3 Complete. Popsicle Party to Celebrate!

  1. I am sure I have told you like 10 times, but Davey is so precious! I love the scared face!

    Your socks look really great! I will periodically weave in ends while I do projects also.

  2. That kid is so sweet it makes my teeth hurt! LOL! Love the photo with his adorable little feet. Is there anything cuter than little bitty toes?

    Can’t wait to see your next pair of socks. These are great!

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