Rock-a-Bye Baby? & the Angry Villager

I started the Rock-a-Bye sock yesterday.  It’s a diagonal rib so you just shift the knit and purls on each row by a stitch.  It creates a neat pattern.  The Rock-a-Bye sock that is photographed in The Joy of Sox is really pretty, but the photos don’t do the pattern justice.   Here is what it looks like – and I love the greens of this sock yarn:

So this is moving along nicely already.  I should be heel flapping in no time at all.

Davey is continuing to demonstrate that he just may not be a baby anymore.  He has started calling  us Mom and Dad, and I have to say I do not like it one bit.  Fortunately he mixes it with Mommy and Daddy still.  Silly of me I guess – but he sounds like such a big kid when he says it.

Ok and finally, here is our mailbox: (sorry about the bird poop on the front)

I went to check the mail the other day, and as soon as I opened the door, a red wasp came out and immediately stung me.  Red wasps do not waste any time.  Luckily, I moved fast enough so that somehow he didn’t fully sting me, but it still hurt.  David describes the pain as a shot of cold lava.  It’s an apt description.

After the wasp flew away and after I had Davey run about halfway back up the driveway to safety, I looked in the mailbox.  There was a little wasp hut hanging from the top of the inside.  I got a stick and removed it.  This involved a little bit of poke and run, poke and run, but I got it to the ground.  So I thought the mailbox was safe now that the wasp had been evicted.

The next day, I open the door and there he is again!  This time I somehow avoided a sting.  The booger is in there rebuilding!    I’d forgotten to buy wasp spray, so David has gone angry villager.  He described in detail how to put together a torch.  It involved a broomstick, rags and gasoline.

One of my main worries is the end of our mail delivery.  I have a feeling that a stung mailman won’t be too excited about returning to our mailbox.

Time for Mom and Dad to go to tackle the wasp problem.

1 thought on “Rock-a-Bye Baby? & the Angry Villager

  1. Ouch! Sorry that happened. And that’s a good point about the mail delivery. They probably have some sort of safety rule.

    Those socks are great! I love that pattern.

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