Take me to the River and Winding Down

It’s about that time.  We are heading to Little Rock to meet Kev.  Davey is very excited.  He enjoys seeing his Uncle Kev, but it’s the prospect of Chuck E Cheese that has him very excited.  Can we go?  Can we go?  Are we ready?   Davey is not going to know what to do without his cousins and aunt here.  He’s had so much fun with them.

Yesterday we went to the river.

Davey stood guard as Karen knitted:

Speaking of Knitting!  Karen finished her very first sock ever!  Yay!

Yesterday they had a parade:

And this morning Jadyn and Davey danced jigs:

Maybe they’d like to move here instead!

2 thoughts on “Take me to the River and Winding Down

  1. Congrats to Karen on her first sock. Very cool! Looks like everybody had a great time. Gotta admit–glad my kid has outgrown Chuck E Cheese. I don’t miss the place.

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