Crocheting in Tunisia

Tunisia is the northernmost country in Africa.  It is bordered by Algeria, Libya and the Mediterranean sea.  (I am sorry to say that I had only a very vague idea as to where it might be before I googled it.)  I don’ t know how much tunisian crocheting goes on there.   Tunisian crochet is kind of a cross between knitting and crochet, and I just wanted to get the basics down to see what it was all about. (It has several other names such as Afghan stitch.)

I began with the hook and some cotton.  The plan is a potholder.  Typically, I think the afghan hook is a long straight needle with a hook at one end and a stopper at the other.  I wanted a size J though, and Hobby Lobby only had this circular looking afghan hook in that size.  I like it fine though.   I put the hook and cotton on my marimba to photograph it.  Thought it looked kinda neat:

I found some great youtube demo videos, and I learned that in tunisian crochet you pick up stitches all down the row so that at the end of the row you have many loops over the needle and it looks like knitting.  You never turn the work.  Instead, when you come back down the next row, you work all the stitches back off.  It’s really very simple.  (at least the basic stitch is.)  And it’s pretty fun.  I love the woven look too:

I am back to knitting my sock too.  I am working on the cuff of Rock-a-bye baby.  I hope to finish it over the weekend.

Davey and I are playing library.  He just brought me his library card (a maraca).  He wanted to check out his “books”.   He chose a goat, camel, cow and horse.  (Those small Schleich animals.)

One more picture from the river.  Poor child had to climb up an embankment. Or so we pretended.

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