Davey and I watered again this morning.   For Davey, watering ideally follows this pattern:  Water the plants a little.  Start playing with hose.  Get soaking wet.  Start watering everything but the plants.  Then begin to think about watering Mommy. (that’s when it is time to head in.)

At first watering is a very intense process.  I don’t know how he squats like that for so long:

Now he’s starting to think about what else he can do with the hose:

But I then prompted him to complete the watering task, and so he got right back in close with the flowers:

But then it was time to start getting wet:

I enjoyed my morning Diet Coke while he played:

This ended with Davey sopping wet and very happy.

My Rock-a-Bye Baby sock is coming along.  It’s a fun knit, but I have a bad case of second sockitis.  I am looking forward to and am kinda scared about the next pair coming up.  Bobbles and lace.  I may be in trouble, and I am anxious to see how it’s going to go!

Yesterday I mentioned Tunisia.  I have been thinking more about how little I know about it.  Seems like I should at least be able to identify its location on a world atlas.

So today we are going to learn a little more about Tunisia.  Davey is going to help me make Tunisian dish called Chakchouka.  It’s a ragout with peppers, onions, and tomatoes.  You cook it  and then make some indentations where you drop a few eggs in to cook.  We are going to have it over rice.   I figure if the Davids and I cook a dish from Tunisian cuisine, then we have at least learned a tiny bit about the country.  Enough maybe so that we can remember that Tunisia is a country located in North Africa bordered by Algeria, Libya and the Mediterranean Sea.  (I wrote that yesterday too, so maybe I will really remember it now.)  Tunisia has a population of about 10.3 million, and the capital is Tunis.  A popular dish is Chakchouka.

We’ll take some pictures later of Davey helping me to make it.   Maybe he will take a liking to Tunisian food.  Perhaps this will become a two-part quest:  Learn more about the world while trying to find new foods that Davey likes to eat.

I have been trying to figure out how to pronounce Chakchouka.   I can’t find anything in a google search.  We are going with Chalk Chooooka.  I wonder if it is Chack Chooka.

*update – a friend told me the correct pronunciation – “ShaShouka”  Thanks Susan!

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