Painting Rocks and Knitting Socks

Who could resist the opportunity to use a title like that?

I finished leg number one of my Movie Sock.  I started the heel flap too to see what it was going to look like.  It’s a stockinette heel which I think is perfect with the rest of the sock.  A little bit of simple flatness against the bobbles and lace.  I soon switched to the leg of sock 2 though, as I still want to try to finish them at about the same time.  It was tempting though to just keep going on that first sock.   Here’s how it looks so far.  Not the most artfully arranged shot, but there it is:

Davey and David have gone to the playground before it gets too hot.  I was informed by the little David that I was not invited.  This is something I hear quite abit.  But it works the other way too at times.   So I had to stay home all alone to blog and maybe knit a little.

Davey and I painted river rocks yesterday.  We need to go get some more because we just picked up a few.  He gets his imagination involved so when he was painting the rock (and his hands and the table) he was actually putting syrup on his pancake.   Davey is not afraid to layer paint.  (I love it and it looked much cooler than the boring polka dots I put on mine.  We’ve decided he will paint over my boring rocks.  Give them some much needed character.)

He didn’t mind mixing colors either.

I love his focus.

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