Summer at the Waterpark

Finally took some pictures at the waterpark yesterday.

Davey played on the frog slide a bunch again.

I like this picture of his head peeking up as he is going up the steps:

Always like to get a photograph of those little feet!

Then pictures with Mommy and Daddy.

He loves to get under the mushroom:

It was a nice evening at the park.

And on the knitting front.  Argh.  I broke another harmony needle last night and then my first hiya hiya bamboo needle this morning.  The bamboo needle just kind of went.  I wasn’t making a bobble.  I was just doing a SSK.  I guess it had had enough of my demands.  So now I am stuck for abit.  I have ordered some metal needles.  I am hoping they arrive very soon.  In the meantime though, I will console myself with another project that I couldn’t wait to get started.   Gotta get some pictures of it.

2 thoughts on “Summer at the Waterpark

  1. Aren’t those two guys handsome?!?!

    Sorry about your needles. I have a feeling I would have the same problem with certain patterns and bamboo needles. I tend to crank on my needles.

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