A Little Cowboy, Scones and Rambo

We started early this morning.  We had some branches trimmed. (David says I should call them limbs as some were very large.  “Like small trees,” he explained.)  After they were cut, David and Davey started dragging them off.  They are back out working on the rest right now.  Oak branches are not bad to drag.  Pine branches are terrible.  Prickly and sticky.  I am going to go help just as soon    as      I      finish       this       post.   (which may just happen to need to be really long today.)

I just peeked out the window.  I love the sight of Davey scampering behind David.  That’s not a word I would typically use.   But there is no better way to describe it in this instance.  He is scampering – his little legs are just dancing around as he follows Daddy.  Davey loves to follow and help Daddy.

Speaking of helping, Davey helped me make blueberry scones this morning.  David had some when he was in Tulsa at the culinary school where his brother Johnny teaches.  So he wanted me to make some.  I went to my allrecipes.com in order to try to come up with a scone recipe that would match the chefs at the school.  They actually turned out really well, even though I had to cut butter into the flour and ingredients, and I had to be careful not to “overmix”.  I tend to overmix.  But I guess I didn’t.  Here’s the recipe.  One of the reviewers suggested sprinkling sugar on the top before baking.  I liked that.  Although, next time I think I will try a glaze.  David said the scones at the school had a glaze, and that does sound good.

I took a picture, but it would not inspire a person to make these.  Blueberries are oozing everywhere, and they are not oozing attractively.  I have been taking more photos lately, and the more I take, the more I realize I need to learn how to take photos.

So that’s enough about scones.

Last night I was looking around for a heart rate monitor strap, and instead I found a cowboy outfit for Davey.  This was actually David’s when he was a little boy.   Davey loves it.

He wanted to get right onto his horse.

I am now really almost done with my Movie Socks.  I’d hoped to finish last night, but I am still working my way down the foot.  I was able to get quite abit done because while I was knitting, I was watching (kinda) Rambo 2 with David.  I confess that there are a few small moments in that movie that almost (that may be pushing it) make it worth watching the entire movie.  I love the part when Rambo is standing and hiding in some type of muddy hill.   He’s completely hidden by the mud, and he is not moving.  You can not see him.  Suddenly you see a big brown eye open from in the middle of that column of mud.  Then everything quickly goes downhill, and the moment is ruined with a descent into knifey violence.

I hope I don’t now associate my Movie Socks with that Movie.  I am going to have to watch a nice non-violent movie tonight as I finish these up.

Ok I guess I better go help with the rest of the branches!

3 thoughts on “A Little Cowboy, Scones and Rambo

  1. We watch Rambo 3 just for the ending. Otherwise, it’s pretty dumb. The guy can’t act himself out of a paper bag, but it’s mindless fun. Sorry Rambo!

    What a cute little buckaroo you’ve got!

  2. Sylvester Stallone is my favorite actor of all-time, and generally one of the coolest individuals on the planet. And there are actually several quite profound statements made during that movie, like when he says, “I believe the mind is the greatest weapon.”

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