Socks, School, & Daddy’s Home!

I am getting close to finishing the Movie Socks!  All bobbles are complete, and I am over halfway through the heel flap.  I’d like to finish it today, but it may be tomorrow.  I can’t wait to see them all done.  Then it’s on to the Boyfriend Socks.  These are going to be Fair Isle City.  They will be the most fair isle that I have ever attempted.   It will also be the first sock pattern, or maybe any pattern, which indicates that the knitting level is for an Experienced knitter!  Yikes.  Well, one day at a time.

Davey had a great time at First Presbyterian VBS.   It lasted 4 hours, and when I went to pick him up, it became obvious very quickly that he was torn about my arrival.  He gave me his happy to see me grin, but he was also worried.  He said, “hi Mommy!”, and he showed me some of the neat crafts they made.  Then he said, “Please leave Mommy.  I am still playing!”  He absolutely did not want to go.  He finally realized that everyone else was leaving.  Then I still had to start a game of chase so I could get him to chase me out of the church.  They had crafts, and they had snacks.  I have no idea what else they did though because he didn’t tell me.

When I left, he was getting started on his first of several crafts.  I’d never seen him in a classroom setting, so I really wanted to hover outside the door all afternoon.  I figured though that might become annoying, so I made myself leave.

I was trying to slip around and take pictures without getting in anyone’s way.  It’s a skill that I have not yet mastered.

In the interest of maintaining blog integrity, I have to disclose that I did some photoshop work on the picture above.  During snack time, Davey had a little problem drinking his punch.  (He’s not used to a regular cup.  We will work on that.)  He spilled it all over his shorts.  So then he was sitting with the group of kids as Mr. Wet Pants, front and center!  So I tried to get the wet shorts look out the best I could.

It’s safe to say that Davey loved VBS.

Davey was happy to see David this morning.  He’d gotten home after Davey had gone to sleep last night.  (David had been in Tulsa for a run.)  Davey had a miniature Christmas this morning.  David had gotten him something, and his Nanny and Pa had sent home gifts.

Davey loved his medal.  (David’s running medal)

A new zhu zhu pet friend for Winky.  (Nugget meets Winky.)

Happy Hot Sunday!

1 thought on “Socks, School, & Daddy’s Home!

  1. That photo with Davey and the sock monkey is adorable! And there’s nothing wrong with a little Photoshop “assistance.” Davey will probably appreciate it a few years from now. Not all of our less than stellar moments need to be preserved, if you know what I mean.

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