“Boyfriend Socks” Begin

I cast on the Boyfriend Socks last night.  I did a 1 inch 1×1 rib, and now I am about 7 rows into the fair isle.   Here are the 8 colors involved:

Trying to photograph these little boogers was not easy.  I was trying to stack them in a halfway photograph friendly way, and they kept rolling all over the place.  Then Davey came in to help with his turkey and horse in tow.

So that was pretty much the end of my photography session.

The Boyfriend Socks.  These are going to be a challenge.  Lots of strings.  When I first saw that they were called “boyfriend” socks, and then when I looked at a picture of the “boyfriend” socks,  I thought that there is no way I would make these for a boyfriend.  Maybe for a Golden Anniversary Husband.  Not a boyfriend.  But then I looked at the description, and I think the intent of the title was more about borrowing a comfy pair of your boyfriend’s socks.   I can’t imagine David wearing these socks.

We got a free pull-up in the mail the other day with some potty training information, sticker chart and stickers.  I never thought that a sticker chart would be much motivation for Davey.  We’ve played with stickers a lot for the last year, and I thought they’d be no big deal to him anymore.  As usual, I was wrong.  He loves pottying for stickers.  Yesterday we finished the first sheet, and I had to create a new one.   So here’s the first one.  I figured I should preserve this memory.  Maybe one day it will be a fond fond memory. (I have to add though, that he is catching on quickly and doing great!)

4 thoughts on ““Boyfriend Socks” Begin

  1. Love your purple socks! I haven’t made socks with bobbles yet.
    I’m not sure about the fair isle socks, but I have done mosaic socks. The striped socks I did had a lot of ends to weave in but I love the socks so it was worth it.
    p.s. There’s lots of books out there on blackwork. The first thing I learned to do was embroidery. What I like about blackwork is the back looks just as neat as the front, sometimes it’s even the same pattern on both sides.

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