8 Color Fair Isle Ain’t Easy

It’s true that this sock is not too easy. I am moving pieces of string around all the time, unwinding, and trying to prevent huge tangles.  Then I am trying not to let my tension get too tight so that I can actually put this sock on my foot when I am done.  Taking a photo of my sock this morning was like maneuvering someone in a hospital with multiple iv lines. (I have 6 colors attached at the moment.)

That said, this is a great sock.  I love knitting it.  It may become my favorite sock.  It is so cool to change colors, follow the pattern, and then watch that pattern emerge.  Here’s what I knitted last night:

Yesterday was also a day for zucchini.  I started reading a food blog the other day called “My Kitchen in the Rockies“, and she’d blogged about these two recipes.   One is this  basic baked summer vegetable recipe. I sliced up zucchini, squash and a yellow bell pepper (it was the best part.)  Then I put olive oil, and salt and pepper on them.  I’ve done this before.  What I had not done was shred pecorino/romano cheese and put that on the top before I baked them.

There are certain things that make me feel like a real knitter:  bobbles, fair isle, making socks.  There are also certain things that make me feel like I am a real cook.  (I’m still not though.) One of those is buying a wedge of hard cheese  with a name like pecorino/romano.  I guess I don’t get out much in the cooking world.   Anyway, this made the vegetables even better.

Then I think I baked one of the best cakes ever.  Zucchini Cake.  It’s really good.  Too good.  I baked it hoping that I’d get some vegetables into Davey because he wouldn’t be able to resist cake would he?  And especially cake onto which he’d added sprinkles.  Everything is better with sprinkles! (What a mess we made.)

So far, unfortunately, he does not want anything to do with it.  Maybe he will come around.  There’s 2 and 1/2 cups of zucchini in it.  I put it in the food processor and so he’d never ever know it was in there.   Oh!  I spoke too soon.  As I was writing this, David just got him to try some.  Yay!  What a way to get vegetables.

9 thoughts on “8 Color Fair Isle Ain’t Easy

  1. Love the socks! But yikes they look tough. Glad Davey tried the cake. The recipe sounds great. We were given more zucchini and I can’t wait to try it.

  2. You have my admiration as I’ve never knitted stranded socks. I think the fact that they take such a long time to knit only to be walked all over makes me a bit reluctant to make a pair. 😀 The Boyfriend Socks are gorgeous, though, and perhaps would make nice wristwarmers instead. 😉

  3. love the socks! you are amazing!
    Last year I “won” a giant zucchini, lol, at Curves- the real prize was the bag it was in, but the employee needed to move the produce! Anyway, I made a zucchini bread/cake with chocolate in it, too- Yum! I found the recipe that called for the most zucchini, since I had sooo much to use!

  4. Hi, thank you so much for trying two recipes from my blog. I am so happy you like them and also that you will be able to get your son to eat some veggies. He is very cute.
    Your sock is beautiful. I knit, too.
    Let’s visit soon. Kirsten

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