Happy Birthday Dora!

I think today is Dora the Explorer’s birthday.  Or it’s the weekend for her big birthday celebration, bash, something.  I am not sure.  The important thing is that she is going to be at Walmart today, and that there will be cupcakes.   Although Davey did explain to me, “Mommy, that is not the real Dora.  She’s a pretend Dora.”  He is ready for cupcakes, and I am hoping he will want to have his picture taken with her.

He was excited about it this morning (as was Daddy!):

Right now I am listening to Davey sing “Frere Poopa.  Dormez-poop? Dormez-poop?”  Lovely I know.

I hope to maybe have a little knitting time this afternoon.  I am eager to get going on the foot of the sock.  I finished the leg last night.  I set up the heel to do later, and now it’s time for the foot.  There is a row of blue stitches visible near the needles.  I will pull those out later and pick up the stitches to knit the heel.  (In theory that is.)

Ok I have tried to distract Davey from “Frere Poopa” by introducing some old Elvis music.  He likes to dance with me.  Time for more dancing.

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