Backseat Driver

I am getting close to finishing the leg of my first Boyfriend Sock.   I’ll then be speeding right past the heel.  I’ve not done the type of heel this pattern requires.  I knit 36 stitches onto waste yarn and then just move on to the foot.  I’ll come back and do the heel later.   The leg seems to be going well.  I am using size 3 needles and it looks like the tension is ok.  After the size 0 needles though, these 3s still feel kind of like knitting with little clubs.

We had to go to Little Rock yesterday, and  Davey had a big day which included a new bed, picking out potty training reward toys, and playing at a kid discovery place.

On the way home, we were trying to avoid the horrible construction traffic that we’d seen on our way into Little Rock.  Last time we were there, they had not taken it down in the evening.  It was backed up for miles. So we started trying to wind our way from Little Rock to Benton by way of little curvy roads. The map was not much help.  There were some little gray roads marked, but they didn’t have any numbers.  A few times, we had to turn around and backtrack a little.

Backseat driver says, “Why did you do that Daddy?”  “Why are you turning around Daddy?”  “Why are you going the wrong way Daddy?”  “Why are we changing directions Daddy? ”  “Daddy, I thought we were going to Mavlern (Malvern) to eat!”  We finally made it back to Malvern.  I am not even going to disclose how long it took us, and I have a real good feeling that sitting in traffic would have been quicker.  But on the bright side, I get tired of the interstate, and this was a much more interesting, if slower, drive.

I didn’t take any pictures yesterday or yet today, so I decided to do a little flashback Friday.

Here’s Davey in August of 2008. He was working hard on crawling somewhere.

Then here he is in August 2009 right after he’d had a haircut.  It’s amazing how much he changed in that year.

And today it is still hot hot and hotter.  102.

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