Organizing and Perseverance

Tuesday morning and it’s time to take on my closet.  A couple of weeks ago,  I organized all my yarn.  It’s been a nice feeling to see it all put away neatly.  I also have about 4 plastic drawer bin things that are full of craft projects from the past.  I have dabbled in many things over the years.  (Dabble – there’s a word I don’t use often.)  Counted cross-stitch, embroidery, quilting, and there are probably some things that I have forgotten.  I need to get David in there too I guess.  He does not ask questions first.  He is fearless about getting rid of stuff.  I am not a total packrat, but it’s not as easy for me.

Maybe I should set some guidelines before I start.  How about if I have not looked at it in over a year then I should get rid of it?  But that is going to force me to get rid of almost all of it.  So maybe I should keep projects near completion or that could realistically be completed in a week or so?  Well, maybe I shouldn’t make any strict rules.  I think a flexible approach will work best for me.  (David is rolling his eyes already.)

I took a break from socks last night and worked on my Perseverance Shawl.  It was nice to just knit in a long row although I was kind of wanting to start my second Boyfriend sock.  I have about 16 rows left and my shawl will be done.  I’d take a photo of it, but it’s all bunched up on my needles now and would just look like a big blob.

Davey is happily playing in his room at the moment, but he took a big tumble in the hall awhile ago.  He has been analyzing it ever since:  “Mommy, I was running too fast, and I falled.  I shouldn’t run so fast!”  And then, “Mommy, I was not paying attention.”  And finally,  “Mommy you should move that rug so that I won’t trip!”

I can’t have a “photoless” blog post, so here’s a silly one of Davey from the other day.

3 thoughts on “Organizing and Perseverance

  1. My rule generally is that if there’s space for it, it stays. Which probably explains me cramming stuff in every nook and cranny there is to justify there being “space”. 😉

  2. I have gone through my fabric/project stash ( and clothes/shoes for that matter) a couple times and my main guideline has been “am I still excited about this fabric/project, item of clothing/shoes, etc.” then I keep them. If I groan when I see it or say “I really SHOULD…” then it it GONE! My house is OVERFLOWING right now, we keep planning to have a garage sale & it gets postponed. I want to do some more purging in prep for it!

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