Fingerpaints, Passport, and a Crazy Quilt

I did spend awhile yesterday organizing.  Davey kept me company while he pretended to knit.  I gave him some big metal needles, old yarn, and he had a good time.

So let’s see.  I found my passport.  I’d lost that several years ago.  I found the social security card that I’d also lost.  I’d already gotten another one.  I found some old savings bonds that I’d forgotten I still had.  I don’t think I am really quite that scatterbrained, it’s just that we have moved a few times in the last several years, and I have a hard time keeping up.

Then I got distracted when I found these:

I realized that Davey had never fingerpainted before.  I had a poster board and so off we went.  Davey enjoyed this immensely – as did I.   There really is something very relaxing about finger painting, IF you don’t mind getting your fingers covered in paint.  It will have the opposite effect, I think, if you do.  Davey and I didn’t mind.  Big David would mind.  Very much.

At some point Davey decided that painting with 3 fingers might work even better.

I always love to take photos of Davey when he is really focusing.  I messed up the light on this shot, but I like it anyway.

Finally it was time to get back to work.  That’s when I found the crazy quilt.  I’d put it all together when we were living in Tennessee.  My friend, Dixie, helped me figure out how to put together the pattern and taught me a lot in general about making a quilt.  Then I never finished it.  The plan was to do a variety of embroidery stitches in a variety of colors around each piece.  I want to finish this!  How?   I’ve decided I am going to leave it out, and even if I work on it only 5 minutes a week, that’s better than nothing at all.

I found several other projects including a very large tablecloth that I am well into embroidering, but on which I still have much to do.  I think I will put that away until I finish the crazy quilt.

The day really got away from me today so that I didn’t have a chance to get going on Boyfriend Sock number 2.  I really want to finish this Perseverance Shawl too, but I really really want to get Boyfriend Sock going tomorrow.

1 thought on “Fingerpaints, Passport, and a Crazy Quilt

  1. Your post brought back memories for me. When my daughter was little and I was in the kitchen for a while, I would get a large piece of brown butcher paper and tape the corners to the floor, sit her in the middle and let her draw with her crayons. She loved it. Your little guy is adorable!!

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