Piles of stuff all around the house.  I’m boxing up books and trying to weed a few out.  It’s never easy for me to part with any books.

I packed kitchen/china stuff this morning until I ran out of wrapping paper.  Will resume tomorrow.

David helped me take some pictures of my completed shawl.  Even though this is a pretty lightweight shawl, having that wool anywhere near me when we are outside right now is just itch city.  It’s 1pm and hot.  But we were quick about it and took some fun photos.

I think this photo actually shows the wrong (purl) side, but I am not for sure:

Then we got Davey involved:

Part of the time that I have been writing this, Davey has been making a “wormcake” in the bathroom.  (That inspiration is from Max and Ruby.)  He also decided to style his hair again.  I would have liked to have photoshopped the potty chair out of the background, but that’s a little beyond my abilities.

Happy Sunday!

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