It suddenly got very hectic around here!  We are moving to Denver in 2 weeks.  It’s crazy to think that it will happen that fast, but off we go.  David and I will both be teaching.  I will be there as an adjunct, but I do have 3 classes this fall.   It’s a great opportunity for David – well for all of us.  Plus, I won’t be complaining about the heat anymore!  So we are excited and a little overwhelmed.

But, I am blogging to escape having to think about packing at the moment, so I am going to talk about knitting.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much to talk about.  I did work on my sock last night and am working my way through the fair isle again on sock #2.  I am enjoying it as much as I did the first time.  No second sock syndrome on this one.

My Perseverance Shawl is all done.  It blocked up nice.  I still need to get David to help me take pictures.  He’s become somewhat obsessed with Craigslist.  The more he sells, the more he wants to look for more things to sell.  Just as long as he stays away from the yarn.   Davey and I may soon be sitting in a room on the floor staring at bare walls. (and my yarn).

5 thoughts on “whoa

  1. Wow! Moving to Denver. I’m both suprised and envious. I’ve heard Denver is a nice place to live. But, I sure don’t think I want to live with all that snow ever again!

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