No time.

The day is almost over,  and I have not blogged yet.  Not a chance the entire day.  I am desperately trying to remember what I did this morning.  It seems like 100 years ago.  Something Davey and I did.  OH now I remember.  I had completely drawn a blank.

I so rarely go to the laundromat that I’d completely been unable to place myself there.  We sold our washer and dryer, so I had to go do some laundry.  David dropped Davey off with me, and he (Davey) was quite interested in the process.  It was his first trip to a laundromat 0r washateria as some people call it.   We had to walk all around and study the numerous washers and dryers.  He found it all very fascinating.  I did too.  It’s kind of nice to go there to do your laundry in that you can get it all done at once.  4 loads washing.  4 loads drying.  Fold and done.

It’s the folding part that I am kind of fascinated by.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I may not have been doing things quite right.  It starts with just taking the clothes out of the washer.  I was observing the other people in the laundromat.   They don’t just take the clothes out and slam them into the dryer like I do.  There is instead a lot of snapping and flapping the clothes so they are not so wrinkled and bunched up.

But even more important is the final folding.  It was very interesting to watch.  They carefully folded and maintained crease lines.  They buttoned up the shirts and pants.  I am not sure if they did zippers too, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

While I am on the topic of laundry.  Another thing I will never comprehend is the folding of the fitted sheet. My mother-in-law has tried to explain to me how to fold a fitted sheet.  I will never master that skill.  I don’t understand it.  I just absolutely do not get the concept.

As Davey and I were getting our dried clothes ready to go, I found myself snapping shirts to remove wrinkles.  I folded towels slowly and carefully.  I tried to fold jeans and shorts along the seams.

However, personally, at this point in my life if I am wearing something that is not wrinkled or stained, that’s an accomplishment in itself.  Davey loves to run at me full-tilt for a tackle wrinkling hug.  He also thinks nothing of using my clothing as a napkin for his spaghetti fingers.  I’ll just enjoy these days and be pretty much wrinkled and stained.

And that was our laundromat experience.  After that, the day continued to just fly by.  I went and spent my last Tuesday evening with my friends at the shop.  I knitted on a simple but pretty sock.   I am going to miss my friends.

No pictures today.

6 thoughts on “No time.

  1. lol!! soo many people have problems with the fitted sheet! I’m proud to say it is a skill that I possess :-)! Wish I lived near you so I could try to teach you :-)! You’re lucky that they didn’t have a limit on how many machines you could use at once!

  2. I don’t care what anyone says, a fitted sheet cannot be folded. I haven’t just tried, I have studied it. I have stared, started, and re-started. I have laid them on the floor like picnic blankets, and walked around them clockwise. I have played with the elastic corners in an attempt to tuck and roll. Nothing works.

  3. Fitted sheets are easy to fold, the key is to remove/snip the elastic band(s). Come on David, with a mind like yours – how could you not have figured that out?

    A very nice entry, Christina.

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