Late Night Blogger

I kind of like this late night blogging.  Once again, I am trying to remember what we were doing this morning.  It also seems like 100 years ago.  Davey and I went to buy boxes.  And then I packed and packed.  Packing is always an opportunity to weed out unnecessary things, so I like that part of it.  Nothing makes me more tired than packing though.  So much so, that I didn’t trust myself to knit on my Boyfriend sock tonight.  I was afraid I’d make too many errors.  Instead I worked on these:

I am knitting these from that Plymouth Happy Feet DK weight that I love so much.  They knit up pretty quickly, and the yarn is soft and just feels good.

Michael and Holly sent us a package today.  Davey had so much fun opening this up:

Here’s the main reason I wanted to share this.  Did you ever see a kid so happy to have a brand new jar of fig jam?  Deceptive isn’t it.


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