Late Nights with Cpeezers

I feel  like Radio Delilah with that title.

Today was a jump out of bed and don’t stop all day kind of day.

7:20 am – I am putting my contacts in.  I hear David yell, “How much you want for that scrapping thing?”  The moving sale was supposed to start at 8:00 am.  I think that by 8:30 sixty percent of our stuff was gone.

David counted each trip he made up and down our hill to help people take things to their car.  12.  He was working hard.   We were a cool (mentally not physically), calm (relatively – David more so) and collected.  A moving sale team.  Oh and an integral part of the team:  Davey.  He ran out with glee – I mean total glee every time a child came to the moving sale.  I think some of the kids were a little taken aback with his unbridled enthusiasm.  He has no concept of personal space at this point.

Davey also regressed.  He played with his infant toys on and off for at least an hour.  The toy where you put the infant on the floor and they reach up and play with the hanging fish.  He crammed himself in there and had a good time.

Once the moving sale was over, David had to go pack his office.  So I packed the house all afternoon.  As the afternoon went by, I grew increasingly panic stricken that we would not be ready by Monday.  I kept moving faster and faster.  It became fairly aerobic. (Davey watched too much tv, but he also helped me and played really well by himself for quite awhile.)  By the time David got home, I was a bundle of nerves.  He would probably attest to that although maybe not publicly.

Luckily we had a good-bye dinner with some friends.  I finally started to calm down, and we had a really nice time.  We took Davey and their son to the playground and it was just beautiful outside.  I could have sat there all night.

And now it’s time to work a little more.  We found some more things to put out for the moving sale.  Here’s what happened by about 9 am.  It was already fairly slim pickings.  We started to feel a little embarrassed as we imagined what people were thinking as they approached our sale.  “This is all they have got?  They call this a moving sale?”  David kept coming out with new things to sell – some of which I had to convince him to take back inside.

Tomorrow more moving sale.  We also had 15 yards of dirt dumped in our yard today.  Holy Mackerel, it is a lot of dirt.  I mean a dump truck full.  We have to fill the retaining wall/ flower beds that we had built in the front.   Several helpful OBU football players are coming to help transport dirt tomorrow.  It should be another interesting day.

Oh and knitting:  I did get a chance to knit for about 30 minutes.  I am almost finished with the pretty pink and white sock.  My boyfriend has been abandoned for the moment.  Oops, I mean my boyfriend sock.

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