Another day

The moving sale began at 7:11 am.  It slowed down by 10 or so, and I was so happy to sit outside and wait for people.  They came fairly steadily so I could sit outside,  and I finished my pink and white socks.   I even got out this gray Hermione hat that I have been knitting on for awhile.  It wouldn’t take long if I’d just focus, but I hadn’t.  This is a good time when I need something fairly mindless.

We had a good bye lunch with two of David’s former students.  They’ve also taken great care of our pups on occasion.   That was nice.

I had to go back to the laundromat where I almost melted.   By the time I was finished folding the toasty warm laundry in the steaming hot room,  I was in danger of sweating all over those clean clothes.

Poor Davey is tired.  “Mommy, I want to stay in Arkadelphia”.  So I tried to tell him about familiar things he will see there in Denver.  It seems to help.  Strolls, parks, Chick Fil A!  Chuck E Cheese!  The library.  Then he starts to get excited again.   “We can play games?  At Chuck E Cheese?”  As he gets excited, he reminds me that there is a playground at the apartment complex where we will be living.  He is very happy about that.

He also likes to discuss the route.  “Mommy, how do we get to Colorado?  Mommy?  Let’s talk about it.”  Then I have to tell him the entire route including all highway numbers.

I need to take some pictures.  I have not picked up the camera in a couple of days now.  That’s kinda unusual for me.

As long as I can knit and blog a little every day I am doing pretty good.  Good therapy!

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