Two things I have been missing a lot for the last week.  Knitting and Blogging.  At about 10pm last night, I got out my Boyfriend Sock and I knitted about 2 rounds.  There is a nice thing about not knitting for awhile.  I am kind of a knitting dork maybe, but it was just nice to feel those sock needles in my hands again, and I was kind of transfixed by watching my hands make stitches and seeing the colors change.   I am also seriously overtired still and so I may be extra amused by small things at this point.  Like the idea of sitting.

So now, I am sitting here in the library at our new school, and I am going to blog a little.  No internet at home until next Thursday.  I don’t know how to learn about a new city without Google readily available.

Anyway, we are here.  I have some pictures that I’d like to put up, but they will have to wait.  Davey’s adjusting to our new apartment. Toward the end of the day, he gets pretty tired and he will say, “I want to go to Arkadelphia-town (that’s what he calls it).  I want to throw our apartment in the TRASH.”  The trash is his new fixation, although it still takes a second compared to POOP!

A few things about our trip:  We had planned to leave Monday at Noon.  We left Monday at 7:30pm.  By the time we got to Little Rock, Koko was trying to climb out of the back of the car, over the backseat.  Davey was not enjoying this at all.  We gave her some more doggy valium, and she settled down.  We got to David’s brother’s house at 3am.  Probably not one of our more brilliant driving decisions.  Trying to stop at a hotel with 3 dogs didn’t appeal to us too much either though.  We made it though.

Part of the purpose of the stop in Oklahoma was to leave Daisy in “foster care.” She’s our 3rd little dog,  and she is now very happily settled in at David’s brother’s house.  She has acres to check out, an awesome porch to sit on, and I think she is happy to be away from Koko our chow.  They never liked each other much.  We may never convince her to come back to us.

Tuesday, we left at about 1pm or so headed for Hays Kansas.  By the time we started to head west on I-70, it was dark.  Once we started heading west though, we got to watch a great lightning storm for almost an hour.  It was well ahead of us, and we didn’t get any rain from it.  And what I saw here, I don’t think I will ever forget.  As we were driving, I started to see these flashing red lights ahead.  I asked David what they were.  (Since I lost my cellphone, we borrowed walkie talkies from his brother – they worked great).   He didn’t know.  So we are driving along.  Suddenly, there is an enormous flash of lightning.  The whole field next to me lights up, and there are these huge wind turbines all lined up out in the field.  If I had not been strapped to my seat, I think I might have done a backflip right out of it.  It was all very eerie War of the Worlds looking.  These huge alien creatures making their way across the fields.  Scared the crud out of me.  But it was so cool looking too.  I will never forget that image of those turbines.  I wish I could have gotten a picture of that exact moment.

The rest of the drive was tiring and pretty uneventful thankfully.  Davey and I were about at the end of our driving ropes as we approached Denver.  We started playing a game:

Me:  “Davey, let’s just stop at that house and see if those people will let us move in.”

Davey: “Mommy, we have a problem.  We don’t have a road to get to that house.”

Me:  “Davey, how about we just stop and sleep in that barn.”

Davey: “No Mommy!  That’s for horses!”

And so on.  That kept us going for the last hour or so.

And so we are here.  Unpacking, getting settled in, while also trying to figure out what the heck we are teaching next week.

I don’t think it got out of the 60s yesterday which was a nice welcome.  The dogs loved it.  Koko’s head tilt (from her vestibular disease) is suddenly completely gone.  She still walks like she is kind of drunk, but she’s moving around better.  I think the altitude may agree with her.

And now it is time to stop sitting.

2 thoughts on “Sitting

  1. We were talking about you today over lunch in connection with knitting. Glad you’ve arrived safe and sound. Will eagerly await CO pics.

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