Wifi’in on the Mac at the McD

Thank goodness for 3 things:  Wifi.  Schools who issue laptops (my next computer = laptop) and McDonald’s.  I am not sure that I’ve ever been too thankful for McDonald’s.  But this McDonald’s has free Wifi and a huge indoor playland which Davey loved yesterday. He played for probably an hour and made just as many friends as he could.  He played with a little girl about his age.  Then two kids just a little older helped him climb everything that he’d just previously climbed on his own.  Very sweet.  It’s a huge big tall playground with tubes way up high.  It doesn’t phase him a bit.  I’m not sure I’d venture up there myself.

Davey’s also enjoying walking the dogs with me.  He laughs hysterically as they yank me around, get tangled around my legs, and try to pull me off the trail.  Two 14 year old dogs and they still walk me.  Stubborn northern breeds!  Of course, guess what he laughs at the very most?  What brings him to a state of hiccups?  Yes,  seeing them poop and pee.  He finds it hilariously fascinating.

We are going to Golden in a little while to look around and “stroll” awhile.  Davey loves to go stroll.   I need to take some pictures today.

No knitting.  UGH.  no knitting at all.  I am trying to get ready for 4 classes plus I learned that I have a lab to teach too.  I am very glad to be teaching, and I am looking forward to it, but it is seriously cutting into my knitting time.  That and trying to get moved in.  We lack just a few boxes from being finished.  Yay!

I didn’t take many pictures of our trip, but I did take a few that I want to put up.

Here, the house is almost empty and Davey is watching a dvd on his little player.  It’s kinda a sad and pitiful photo:

I loved seeing big sky again.  I’d forgotten or maybe never realized how much I love big open spaces.

So even though moving has been a little tough on Davey, he’s stayed happy and smiling most of the time.  Here he was watching some Dora before we left Hays, Kansas.

Our dogs have moved with us several times.  I have pictures like this one of when they were still puppies and we moved to Seattle.   This was in Hays also, and it was really chilly that morning.

Smiling Davey.  David and I were underdressed, but I’d at least thought to bring Davey a jacket.

Here are all almost all of our worldly possessions.  (We left a few things in Arkansas – some permanently and some we will return for when we get into a house!)

Davey got the tripod out while we were unpacking.  He was taking lots of “pictures” of us as we worked.  He gives us positive feedback as well.  “Daddy, you’re a good worker.  Mommy, great job!”  He also heard us get frustrated with all the boxes everywhere.  So today when we were walking, he said, “Mommy, we got all the Junk cleared out of there!”

Ok – time to head home to get the Davids.

3 thoughts on “Wifi’in on the Mac at the McD

  1. Free wifi at Mickey D’s–who knew? Can’t remember the last time I was at a McDonalds. Their fries are just too tasty! Sounds like Davey is adjusting well. Good luck with your classes. I hope you enjoy the school.

  2. I love McDonalds double cheeseburgers! But I try not to eat too many. It’s great they now have wifi. I wouldn’t have checked for it there. It may take a while but you’ll find your routine and some time for a little knitting. Meanwhile just enjoy getting settled in to your new place. Good luck with your classes!

  3. I love hearing about your trip and seeing the pictures. However, it all reminds me how much I am going to miss all of you. We are in Alabama staying with our grands and will go home Tuesday. That is when it will really hit me that you are gone. I hope all of you have a wonderful life and I will love keeping up with you on your blog and fb.

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