It’s so nice to be back online at home.  It’s nice to write on my blog at home.

It was so nice outside today and we are all settled in now, so we decided to head to the Denver Zoo.

Davey was very excited.  He loved to take the map and look over it and tell us where things were.  He did very well with the little graphic/pictures.

Davey also liked leading our little expedition.  We’d stop at an exhibit.  When he was ready to move on he’d say, “Next!”  Off we’d go.

He loved riding the train and the carousel.

I really enjoyed the tiger cubs.  There were 4 of them chasing each other and wrestling all over the place.  They were a lot of fun to watch.  Then, we were on our way out, and we started to hear this steady loud thumping.  It sounded like a bass drum.  Boom boom boom boom.  We got closer to the sound.  There we saw Mimi and Dolly the elephants.  (They’ve been at the Denver Zoo for 40 years I think!)  Well I don’t know who is Mimi and who is Dolly, but one of them was steadily (like a metronome!) thumping her trunk against the closed door to their tall house where they live.  They were ready to go in for the day!  I loved that.

Davey was in and out of his stroller all day.   I just asked him what his favorite animal was and he told me “Giraffes.”  They were very fun too.

We also enjoyed the mountain goats and big-horned sheep.  I refrained from taking too many animal shots though.  They are always so much fun to take at the zoo, but they are never all that fun to look at at home.  Much less on a blog I would imagine.  So here is Davey giving David a kiss in front of the mountain goats!

I really got some good knitting in on my sock last night.  I am almost finished with the chart of the foot.  Then I have the toe and the heel left to do.  Yay.  They will be done.

It’s been a fun day.

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