Davey: Hat model. Dog Walker.

I finished up my Hermione hat, and I wanted to get some pictures of it.  I tried having David take some of me wearing it, but those just were not much fun.  Plus I had the hat on inside out.  I was wondering why it looked funny with the cables inside.

So then Davey came to my rescue.  He’s working the pose here.  He’s not unhappy!

Actually Daddy helped us with the hat modeling:

This is a really fun hat to make.  It would be a great first cables project.

So Davey has taken on another important role in addition to hat model.  He loves to help me walk the dogs.  Timber would still be a little much for him, so he has been walking Koko.   He talks to her all the way through it.  “Koko, come on!”   Of course he has to throw out some “Good Grief Koko!” and “For Cryin’ Out Loud!”  He also directs her:  “Koko, that is NOT the pooping area!”

I get the feeling here that Koko is rolling her eyes at me and saying, “Seriously?”

But Davey was good with her and knew to be gentle.  He was happy to be outside walking the dogs with Daddy!

Now we are headed into Coyote Country to check out the prairie dog village.  I’ll take pictures!

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