Story Hour and Socks

Ok, all the ends are woven in on my “Boyfriend” sock.  I am proud to say that the seam is much improved over my attempt on my first sock!   Now I’ve picked up the stitches to knit the heel.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get them all picked up.  I should have 35 on one needle and 36 on the other, but I am short a couple.  This is a problem.  But I don’t see any dropped stitches either, so I am not sure what is going on.  I will try to get that figured out tonight.

I am ready to get going on my next pair of socks.  The book has titled them as “Breakfast in Bed”.  From this point forward, I will refer to them as the “Breakfast Socks.”  Here’s the yarn I will be using:

Here’s another photo, I don’t know why.

My wireless on my computer is so hinky today.  It’s making me nuts.  It works and then it doesn’t and then it does.  Meanwhile, I dragged David’s pc down the hall to plug directly into the router.  It continues to work just fine throughout.  So something is causing interference.  I moved the cell phone.  I moved the home phone.  I moved my computer around a little.  Maybe it’s Koko’s snoring?  Or Timber’s hulking self lying in the path between the router and the computer?  I don’t know.  I still can’t grasp that I walk amidst all these wireless waves.

This morning I took Davey to story hour.   To say that he enjoys it would be a huge understatement.  Last week, we went to Toddler Time on Tuesday.  First time he’d ever been to a story hour.  We sat down together on the floor.   He sat on my lap.  The kids and parents made a kind of half circle around where the librarian was going to be.  However, as soon as she arrived and got started, Davey was up like a shot.  He sat down front and center.  Right in the middle.  Practically in her lap. I had to caution him about kicking her shoes when he’d get excited.

They do all kinds of little songs between books.  They wave their arms and jump around. Davey just ate it up. He’d look around at everyone else to watch them, and he was just grinning.  He loved it.   I’d like to have taken some photos!

Ok gotta get my classes ready for this evening and tomorrow.  Davey’s got a cold and is not feeling too well.  I’ll go sit by him and work a little.  This teaching is great, but it is seriously cutting into my knitting time!

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