Coyote Country

First off, Boyfriend Sock #2 is almost done!  I have loved making these socks, but I have been working on them for over a month now.  There have been a few interruptions and extenuating circumstances, but I am finally almost done.  I have to get the heel knit in and weave in all these ends.  I didn’t disclose all these ends on sock #1, but I thought there should be truth in sock making.

So I hope to finish these up today.

Yesterday, we went on a walk.  There are trails all around us.  It just takes a few minutes to get to them.  We first walked into an area that looked like this:

Once we got over to this area, we came upon large prairie dog villages.   I tried to get some pictures of them.  This little prairie dog was letting me have it because I was getting too close.  She was chirping at me, but it was more than a chirp.  Very loud and insistent.

As we walked, we saw signs that said “Coyote Country”, and they explained what you are supposed to do when you see a coyote.  Davey and I had read that sign when we’d been walking a few days prior.  I’d heard coyotes barking in groups before, but they were always pretty far away from our house.  I never considered them coming close to us humans.  Of course then I wasn’t standing in the midst of thousands of tasty prairie dogs either.   I read that we were supposed to speak in “loud and firm” voices, and we were not to run.  I kinda thought running might be a bad idea, and I can definitely be loud if I see one, but the firm voice might be hard to pull off.  A hysterical shrill screaming voice might be easier.   After Davey and I looked at the sign, he explained to me that coyotes were friendly.  Then every time the grass would blow, he’d ask if there was a coyote nearby.  The first few times, I’d about jump out of my skin, but when no friendly coyote appeared, I got over it.

So anyway, on Sunday, we kept walking and and ended up by a small lake.   Davey got out of the stroller and took a look with Daddy.

Then we had to stop for a snack.  Davey always loves a picnic of any size.

Ok now to go work on weaving in those ends!

3 thoughts on “Coyote Country

  1. I was considering knitting those socks. Until I saw your picture of the ends!
    Looks like you live in a beautiful “wide open spaces” area.

  2. Eek! The ends! But they’ll be mighty warm to wear with all those layers of strands. 🙂

    Love the prairie dog village! We don’t have them over here other than in zoos, so I love seeing random wildlife from other countries. We just have squirrels. *sighs*

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