Davey makes cookies

This afternoon Davey and I made cookies.

Seated and ready to mix!

We were working with a mix, so I set out the other two ingredients for him to add.  He couldn’t wait to start stirring.

The butter was melted and still warm so I helped him with that.  I love all his very earnest expressions.

He stirred and stirred and stirred.

He did not want any assistance.  “I want to stir it all by myself!”

Finally it was time to put the cookies on the cookie sheet.  I love his first attempts at cookie formation.

He worked hard to try to form cookies and not little cookie niblets.  Total concentration here!

Ahhh.  Cookie formation success.

Of course there was eating when they were done baking.  He decided that he made some delicious cookies.  David and I agreed.

And tonight, my Sock #2 is coming back out.  I am ready to get back to work on it!  I am already looking forward to the next pair of socks!  It’s just not time to start thinking about them yet though.

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