Bedtime Blogging

I am back to bedtime blogging.   There just was no time to post earlier today.  Davey and I had a good day.  We went to story hour this morning.  He had a great time.  One of the songs they sing ends with hugging someone if they want to.  (Or they can just hug themselves.) They sang the song twice.  The first time, he hugged the little girl  he’d hugged last week.  It was precious to watch.  She stood straight and still, and his hug was more of his arms forming a circle around her.  The second time through the song, he hugged the little boy next to him.  The little boy did not resist, but he was saying “hey what’s going on here?  Hey!”

At story hour, I am happy to sit back and watch.  I even had my knitting with me today.  However, Davey doesn’t like that much.  When it’s time to stand up for a song, he calls to me, “Mommy!  Stand up!  Mommy, you can do that better standing up!”  He wants full active participation.  It’s a great story hour.  The librarian is so energetic and fun.

We also played at the “magic act” tree again.  Then we had a snack at the picnic table.  David got home in time for that.  There’s a concrete basketball court next to the table, and after we saw a squirrel and a big black bird, Davey got the idea that he’d put his cookie out for the animals.  So he ran to the exact center of the court – right at the half court line – and he put down his cookie.  Then he ran as fast as he could back to me.  A few minutes later, he charged back to the court yelling, “ANIMALS!  Where are you?? Come eat this COOKIE!”   Unfortunately no animals responded while we were there.

I am not knitting much.  I am building up a knitting deficit.  I have not gotten to sit down and just knit for several hours since I left my friends at Knit Unto Others.  I am going to have to make some time for uninterrupted knitting this weekend!   I did finish Davey’s hat last night.  He likes it.

I just love this hat pattern:  Boyfriend Hat.

I also have about 30 papers that I need to grade before I should think about knitting.  But I wouldn’t do them justice tonight, so I think I’ll go watch Castle  and knit a little before bed.

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