And it is October 1st

October 1st – the first day of my favorite part of the year.  Autumn, David’s birthday, Halloween, Davey’s birthday, Thanksgiving, and the entire Christmas season.   It will be fun to experience it all here in Colorado for the first time.

This morning, Davey wanted to help me knit.   He likes to measure.

Then he decided that he wanted to knit too!

I did get that hat finished up this morning.  I am hopeful that I can make some serious progress this weekend on my sock.

We went downtown and met a good friend of mine for lunch.  I’d not seen her in a long time.  We used to work together.  We share the same birthday!  Davey had a good old time.  A good old time is any time when he gets both ice cream and a lollipop, although really it’s all about the lollipop.  He really liked meeting Kelly too even though their introduction began with him staying behind my legs.  He’s been doing the bashful thing with new people lately.  We had such a nice time.  We’ll see her again soon.

Yesterday, we took Davey over to the Lakewood Cultural/Heritage Center.   They have restored many old buildings to create an old town.  So there was a diner, a barber shop, etc.  The cultural center had a room devoted to old toys and their history.  Davey and David had a good time with the Slinkies.

They got it going down the steps.

Davey wanted to try it too:

Then they discovered Pacman!

Davey didn’t quite get the hang of the joystick, but he also liked watching Daddy play.

It’s time to get Davey ready for bed.  That is, after we finish watching an episode of Backyardigans!

1 thought on “And it is October 1st

  1. You’ll get interesting results if you let Davey measure your gauge swatches 🙂

    It’s that time of year at our house too — all four of our birthdays are coming up plus the big holidays.

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