Cider Days

Cider Days!  It’s an annual festival held in Lakewood.  We had apple cider.  At least I did.   Davey tried a few sips.  David refused.  He has issues with opaque liquids.   It was really good.  But there was much more than cider.  Davey had a big big time.

It all began with a little “two-steppin'” in the bounce house.

There was also an obstacle course bounce house.  I am not sure how we finally lured him away from that.  He loved moving through there.   It must have been the promise of a donkey ride.

The ride required that he put on a helmet.  Daddy got him all set.

Then here came Nestor.  (Nestor is the donkey.)  I should have asked the really nice man what his name was as well.

This was great fun for Davey.  As I walked along beside them,  I asked Davey if Nestor had mentioned if he was having fun or not.  Davey whispered to me, “Mommy, animals do not talk.” (He whispered probably so I would not be embarrassed by my ignorance.)

Afterwards, we gave Nestor a little pat.  He was not too interested.  He was ready for lunch and a nice break.

There was a petting zoo right next door.  Davey and I looked at the baby goats, sheep, rabbits, and llamas.  There was an ornery goose too.  We kept our distance.  He was feeling snippy.

Then it was back to Nestor:

Next Davey headed out onto the prairie on a barrel train.  See him in one of the middle barrels?

It was all quite serious business.  He sat very straight and quiet and just took it all in.

There was bean bag tossing.  He was very determined.  So much so that at first, he was just going to walk right up to the wall and make it a short toss.  But then he stood back and threw some mighty good tosses!  Here the red and green bag is mid-air.

There was fishing for wooden apples.  David and Davey were very focused.

There was a wishing tree.  Davey decorated a heart and hung it on the tree.

We couldn’t resist the fresh kettle corn.  We also had those cinnamon roasted pecans.  They didn’t last long enough to be photographed.

Then it was back to the barrel ride.  Here I give him a kiss as he prepares to depart on his journey.

He’s smiling here at the guy who wanted to give him a high five.  It got him tickled for some reason.

Davey fell asleep in about 5 minutes tonight.   Maybe he’s dreaming about Nestor and barrel rides.

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