Cookies & a minor Confession

Davey wants to bake sugar cookies today.  I am thinking we need to pick up a couple of Halloween themed cookie cutters.  A ghost for sure.

We decorated the balcony yesterday.  I’d say David did the bulk of the work.  It was fun though, and Davey likes it.  We hung up some of that black spider web stuff.  We stretched it all out across part of the balcony.  Davey was very worried that it was going to blow away.  It may yet, but so far so good.

Davey was so excited to help Daddy.  He asked me to bring him his tools:


He worked very hard to get everything just so.

I am also marching along on my second sock.  I am about done with the gusset and am working on the foot.  I am not twining on the foot either.  I just can not take anymore twining.  I don’t think that I will be able to tell any difference.  There were a couple of sections on the first sock where I did not twine, and I couldn’t really see the difference.  Of course, that does not mean there is not a difference.  Apparently twining makes the socks sturdier and have a nicer stretch to them.  So I will consider this an experiment.  I can study the wear of twined vs non-twined.  (I can tell from the wrong side which is twined and which is not.)  So there is my confession.  I feel a little guilty for not “following the directions”, but I am also saying “yay no more twining!”

So it is about time to get the day going with Davey!




3 thoughts on “Cookies & a minor Confession

  1. It’s ok to change your mind on knitting a pattern. Sometimes we just have to change it up or the project drags on because we don’t enjoy it anymore.
    Nice little helper you got there. 🙂 Bet he’s excited about Halloween.

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