Imaginary Friends and Socks

It’s Saturday morning.  Oh and to be clear, the friends are imaginary, not the socks.    Davey has been so busy with his imaginary friends.  Lucy is the primary friend.  She is a purple (sometimes white) dog.  Kevin the dog has also made an appearance a few times.  Then Davey became concerned that I didn’t have an imaginary pet friend, so that’s when Pete showed up. (Lucy loves mangos.  Kevin likes peanut butter and jelly and chips.  Pete loves potato chips.)

Yesterday Davey and I went out to run errands.  The dogs came too.  We went out to eat for lunch, and this great server brought water for Davey’s dogs.  Unfortunately, Lucy didn’t know what her afternoon held in store.  I took Davey to the doctor.  As we were waiting in line to check in, Davey kept complaining that Lucy was stepping on his feet.

Davey told me that Lucy needed a doctor’s appointment too.  Not only that, but Davey had to have a flu shot.  So did Lucy.

Last night though, as we were getting Davey tucked in, I asked him where Lucy was.  David started acting like Lucy was under his shirt.  Davey looked at David and said, “Daddy, you know,  Lucy is just PRETEND!”

My non-imaginary sock is almost done.  I am almost to the beginning of decreasing the toe!  Not that I am in a hurry, but the foot has gone much faster without twisty twining.  I am planning to finish that sock today.

I am already excited about the new pair I will be starting.  I am going to be using some handspun and hand-dyed yarn that I bought from Springtree Road.  I ordered and received it before we moved and have been dying to knit with it ever since.  It’s a worsted weight.  So these will be a heavier weight – nice for house socks is what I am hoping.  The sock has something new for me to learn as well.  Short-row heel.  I’ve always just done the standard heel flap.  That’s going to be interesting.  Short rows involve this whole “wrap and turn” thing which I have yet to get the hang of.  (Of which I have yet to get the hang? :))

I think we are going to go check out some trails at a state park today.  Debating on picnic or no picnic.  I am thinking snack-nic.  Davey tends to be too excited to sit down and eat when we are out somewhere.  A snack might work out better.

Happy Saturday!

1 thought on “Imaginary Friends and Socks

  1. Christina, this is too cute. I have a g-son who has a pretend friend and a whole town he calls “changing town.” What happens in changing town is he can do magic and makes things change to his own satisfaction. I will send you a picture of my hat when it is finished. In fact, I am making four of these b/c they are R2D2 hats. My g-children are crazy for anything Star Wars now after seeing the exhibits in Huntsville this summer. I hope you and your family have a glorious day.

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