Quickie Socks and a Saturday Adventure

The Breakfast socks are behind me, and it is time to start the next pair in The Joy of Sox.  This pair is all one color!  They are knitted in worsted weight in size 5 needles (compared to the fingering weight and size 1-2 that most of my other socks are knitted in.)

This yarn is handspun and dyed by Maya of Springtree Road.  It is BFL wool (Bluefaced Leicester) and the colorway is called Haven.  It’s so nice to work with. Of course I am always drawn to greens.  These socks are moving along so fast.  Yesterday I knit the heel and started working into the foot.

Notice the heel?  I am quite proud to share my first attempt at a short row heel.  I looked up a video on youtube about doing a wrap and turn short heel, and I found a great one that walked me right through it.  Easy as pie.  The only downside is that I am not too good at keeping track of my wrapped stitches, so I have to write it down and really count.  When I do a regular heel with the heel flap and gusset, I can see that hole that shows up when I need to turn.  But I imagine that with practice, I will become adept at seeing where I need to turn.

I can’t say yet which one I prefer.  I’ll have to knit a few pairs with short row heels and check out the fit as well.

Now to the Adventure.  On Saturday we went to Castlewood Canyon State Park.  It was beautiful.  It was about an hour south of Denver and a little east, so it was not up in the mountains at all.  There was a canyon and then these big vista views of the mountains.  The park had some nice short trails.  One was a paved trail, and we took Davey on it.  He had a great time.

He liked trying to decipher the map.

He enjoyed the scenic view of the canyon.

He loved getting off the path and “exploring” with Daddy.

David helped him negotiate the more difficult terrain.  They were traveling from big flat rock to big flat rock.

We were also very excited about seeing the first bit of snow on that mountain waaaaayyyyy in the background.

Then the clouds blew in, and it got really chilly!

This didn’t slow Davey down a bit though.

Finally, it was time to head home.


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