Breakfast in Bed – Done!

I finished my Breakfast in Bed socks last night.  This morning we took some pictures.  I had great assistance as usual:

I love the way these turned out.

But there is one slight thing which I did not notice until I was knitting the second TOE.

See the birds on my foot?  They are positioned so that I see them right side up when I look down.  However,  the photos of the socks in the The Joy of Sox book all show the birds positioned so a person standing in front of me would see the socks right side up.   My socks show everyone else upside down birds.

When I read a fair isle pattern, I start at the bottom.  That’s what I did here.  So now I have “Christina and her amazing upside down bird socks”.  Now – I am the one who will probably look at my socks the most, so maybe that’s ok.  Makes me look like the ultimate Sock Narcissist maybe, but I do like seeing those birds!

Here’s my view of the socks:

I don’t know if this is a problem with the pattern.  I think it is more a problem with my powers of planning and observation.   It’s not much of a problem in the whole scheme of things.

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