A Quick Post

I am almost halfway done with my second sock, so I thought I’d post a quick little post before I return to my Quickie Socks.

One reason I love to blog is to preserve my Davey stories.

The other day when I was at school, Davey asked David why I was working.

David told him that I was working to make money to help buy food and clothing and the things we need.

Davey thought about that for a little while and then said, “Daddy, you can have all the money in my piggy bank to help buy food.”

Several times since then he has told me that he wants a job too so that he can help buy food.  It’s these times that he wants to be “big” so badly.  He can turn very quickly though, and suddenly he’s more than ready to say, “Mommy, I want to stay little.”

Tonight we had dinner at a little pizza place.  We were eating our pizza, when Davey suddenly scrunched up his face very expressively and said, “I have to tinkle!”  So David scoops him up to take him to the bathroom.  We are encouraging him, “Yay Davey!  Way to go”, and he very proudly and very loudly exclaimed, “I AM POTTYTRAINED!!!”

Unfortunately, it proved to be a false alarm, but he is getting closer and closer.

Davey’s asleep now as is David.  (David is taking his nightly nap which often happens as he helps Davey get to sleep.  Sometimes we all fall asleep in the process.)  It’s time for me to finish that sock!

2 thoughts on “A Quick Post

  1. I was talking to the mom of a classmate of my daughter’s. We were waiting online for parent-teacher conferences. She told me about telling her son this past summer that he needed to get a job. He refused! Just flat-out told her no, it wasn’t going to happen. Davey is smarter and nicer than a high school kid. I suspect he has good parents.

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