Red Rocks!

Today we’ve explored the Red Rocks area in Morrison.  David did his first trail run this morning while Davey and I went to the Red Rocks Amphitheater  and looked around.  I never knew the red rocks were there.  It’s a beautiful area.

Davey and I were driving around the area at first looking for the best place to stop and explore.   There was a parking area up a ways near a geologic marker.  We decided to drive up there.  It was kind of steep and switchbacky and Davey said he was scared and wanted to turn around.  I didn’t tell him, but I totally agreed, and we worked our way back down.  We ended up walking around the amphitheater and went to the trading post.  He enjoyed that.

David met us after his run and we walked around a little more.

This afternoon we went back, and I walked this Red Rock trail while David and Davey played.  It was beautiful.  The trail is open and runs along the foothills.  I couldn’t go on a trail that ran through the woods.  Not by myself.  My imagination would be right there with me scaring the crud out of me.  Open range I can handle.   Davey had fun walking up part of the trail himself.

I love his little shadow!

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