Save Yourselves

We’d been looking forward to going to the corn maze all week.  This corn maze is part of the Denver Botanical Gardens, and it covers 8 acres.  The weather was beautiful today.  Sunny and in the 60s.

Here we are looking forward to our corn maze adventure.  Except – notice on the right side the sign for “free bubbles”.   Davey quickly noticed the kids and the bubbles.

We promised that we’d play in the bubbles after we finished the maze.  He agreed that that would be fine.  He was ready to explore the maze.

Once he got in there though, all he wanted to do was pick up and play with the ears of corn which were scattered all over the place.

We started trying to make our way through the maze.  We realized that the top of our ticket stub had a small map of the maze.  I really thought it was more of a decorative element on the ticket than anything very useful.  But it was all we had.

We came upon an observation tower and decided to take a look.  Note David’s expression.  Davey is just looking for more corn, and he is starting to talk about those bubbles.

We thought the observation tower would provide a bird’s eye view of the entire maze.  Not sure what we were thinking.  Here’s what we saw:

But we knew we had to venture back in, so off we went.

We wandered around trying to reconcile where we were with our 2 inch square decorative map.   Davey was still looking for corn, and he was becoming pretty adamant about the bubbles.   He also asked us if we were lost.  I tried to reassure him that we were just trying to solve a puzzle, but I am not sure he bought it.  Having a 2 year old following behind us with an armful of corn, demanding bubbles, and asking repeatedly if we were lost was not helping our ability to focus.

Then a group of Boy Scouts with their Leaders passed us.   We heard them say something about having been in the maze for 3 hours.  It was at this point that David started mumbling about making a beeline for the tall fence that bordered the maze.  He figured that he could climb the fence, and then I could lift Davey to him.  And what about me?   I am not much of a fence scaler.  But before David had to resort to leaving me behind, we happened on a group of people who seemed to know what they were doing.

Davey had pretty much given up.

The Boy Scouts came by again and kind of joined up with this group.  We looked diligently at our thumbprint map and thought really hard, and attached ourselves to that group.  Within ten minutes we were here:

As you might imagine, we exited.  Quickly.

Davey was thrilled. He headed straight for the bubbles.

David joined in as well.

Davey had a great time.

So the bubbles were a huge success.  The corn maze?  Well… it was a beautiful afternoon, and it was fun to be together,  but I am not sure that corn mazes are for us.

7 thoughts on “Save Yourselves

  1. looks like fun! i think matthew would have been doing exactly what davey was doing! looks like you’re all enjoying your new home, too!

  2. Corn mazes are a difficult thing to get exactly right — if they’re too easy you feel like you wasted your time, if they’re too hard everyone gets frustrated (or just when you’re really lost, someone in the group announces they must go potty right NOW). Ah, memories 🙂

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