Yesterday we drove up to Breckenridge.  Davey was ready to see snow.  Actually, he wanted to build a snowman. The snow is starting to accumulate on the mountain tops, but unfortunately it was not yet accessible to Davey.

He had a big day though.   Breckenridge was beautiful.  The trees were all yellow, and it’s just a really pretty town.

Of course we arrived just in time for lunch.  The highlight for Davey were those wiki sticks.  He had so much fun twisting those things around.  Since we got back, we’ve already made a trip to Hobby Lobby for more!

After lunch we had cookies.  But I mean cookies.  They were cookie sandwiches.   We tried two kinds.  The first was two chocolate chip cookies with icing in the middle.  This was Davey’s cookie of choice.  The second was two chocolate chip cookies with raw chocolate chip cookie dough in the middle.  Really.  I’d never seen anything like it.  It was a whole lot of sweet, but we didn’t mind!

I love this shot of David and Davey.  It’s a food chewing shot which is seldom a good thing, but I love their similar expressions.

Then we shopped a little.  We found Davey the cutest little hat.  I’d like to make these, but I am scared of sewing in a lining.  I am not sure I can do it.  I may have to try to learn though.

And given my current ongoing project, I could not resist taking a picture of this!

Then we headed back to the playground. Davey and David checked out the stream, but they determined that Davey was a little small yet to do much climbing there.

Next Davey hit the playground.  Who knew that the kid in this picture likely already had pneumonia?  He was playing hard and having so much fun all day long, but he’d had this nagging cough.  Today I took him back to the doctor, and he had his first chest x-ray.  I didn’t think a chest x-ray would ever happen with a wiggle worm like Davey.  He is constant motion.  But he did great.  Even held his breath and stood nice and still.  Anyway, at this point yesterday, we had no idea!

And then he met Piper.  Piper had just turned 5, so she was quite abit older than him, but she was so nice and sweet to him.  They played together for over an hour.  Davey talked and talked to her.  “I have a new bear hat!  Do you have a bear hat?”  Then I heard her say, “I live in Silverthorne.  Where do you live?”  He answered, “In my apartment in town.”   They had so much fun together.  I knew that he would never leave until she did.  She had a very patient grandmother who let her play for a longgg time!  So I knitted and David wandered and watched.   Oh, and we took lots of pictures.

Finally it was time to go home.  Here’s a tired little boy with a dirty face and about a cup of sand in each shoe.  (I had no idea until I went to take them off.  It hadn’t seemed to bother him abit.)

While in Breckenridge, I did go in search of a yarn shop.  There was one, but unfortunately, or fortunately probably, it was closed.  I am also just about done with the heel of sock number one of my Toe to Toe socks.  I’ve got to put some photos up tomorrow.

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