A Squirrel and a Pumpkin

Our jack-o-lantern has been out on our balcony.  We quickly learned that the dry air of Colorado does not make for a perky jack-o-lantern.  It quickly began shriveling.  At this point, the face just looks like a toothless being of some type.

But we are leaving him up, because yesterday I saw a squirrel perched on the balcony top rail.  He had a piece of pumpkin in his little hands and was happily eating.  He’s so fun to watch.   He was back today for another snack, and David took some pictures of him.

Davey named him Ricky.

So now I guess we will just wait for Ricky to bring his friends.  He may be trying to keep his special snack place a secret though.  We don’t have to worry about the pumpkin rotting though I don’t think.  It may instead turn into a raisin – or whatever a dried pumpkin would be.

I have not started my second sock yet.  I’ve been pretty busy, so I have not had the time really to focus on sock 2.  I hope to get started on it this weekend.  In the meantime, David and Davey gave me a skein of cashmere last Christmas.  I love it.  I have really just like occasionally picking it up and holding it.  I finally decided though that it was time to knit it.  So I chose a hat pattern.  I think in a world of unlimited funds, I might just only knit with cashmere.  Nice stuff.   So here’s my hat.  The pattern is on ravelry – Slouched Tuva Hat.

So pretty.  So soft. Of course I didn’t knit a swatch.  That’s my swatch above.   That’s as far as I got on this hat, because I realized that it was going to be too small.  I had a feeling, but I thought I’d give it a whirl.  So I frogged it, but it was not that painful because I get another chance to knit it.  It’s Jojoland Cashmere, and I thought it was a worsted weight, but it seems closer to dk.  I’m thinking of making it into this:  198 Yards of Heaven.  I’ve decided I really like shawlettes.  I wore my Perseverance Shawl today, and it’s a perfect size to wrap around my neck.  It’s been cold the last couple of days – so it was fun to wear something I knitted.  I am kind of a lace newbie though, so we will see how the cashmere shawlette goes.

Davey has decided he wants to be a “masked bandito” for Halloween.  I took him to Walmart today, and he wanted me to ask the “workers” where a masked bandito costume could be fun.  No luck unfortunately.  He has several Halloween events coming up over the next 4 days.   I am thinking he might mix it up between being a magician and Spiderman.  We’ll see.  As you might have guessed, there will be pictures!



2 thoughts on “A Squirrel and a Pumpkin

  1. I ADORE 198 Yards of Heaven. I’m going to knit it again because the pattern’s been revised. How many yards do you have of that yummy cashmere? Lucky you! I hope Davey has fun at all of his parties. Looking forward to the photos.

  2. I just made 198 Yards and I loved it. Fun to make and with worsted weight yarn it just flies compared to the fingering weight shawls. I had the same problem with the Tuva Hat — I called my the “Not So Slouchy Tuva Hat.” Happy Halloween — I hope Davey has a great time whatever costume he ends up with!

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