Monday Short Post

I don’t like to go a day without posting on my blog, even though today was a busy day.  I had class from 8-1:30.  When I got home, David left for his class.  When he got home, we ate dinner.   Then bathtime, storytime and sleep time for Davey.  Ever since we moved Davey to his big bed, we stay with him until he falls asleep.  This results in our falling asleep sometimes.  It happens to David more frequently.  Last night he slept for a couple of hours with Davey, so tonight he insisted he did not want to go to sleep.  He may have been falling asleep before he was done saying this. He was out before Davey was.  Then everytime I’d try to wake him, he’d be back asleep before he was done waking up.  He’s up now though.  I hear the sounds of hacking, slashing, and fighting coming from the living room.  It’s not him personally – he’s trying out a new game.

Davey was a potty training champ today.  I ran out of presents this afternoon, so I was scrounging for change.  He likes to put it in his piggy bank.  However, he’s going without reward as well now.  He’s doing great.

He helped me make cookies this afternoon.  He’s getting good at scooping them out and putting them on the cookie sheet. ‘

He was also a magician for most of the afternoon.  He loves his costume (sent by his Nanny and Pa).  We had to do some careful maneuvering with that cape when he was on the potty chair as he did not want to take it off!

I am grading grading grading tonight.  I have papers to grade in all four classes, so I better get back to it.

3 thoughts on “Monday Short Post

    • We do need to get all his “friends” back out. He would sleep with all his backyardigan guys and several others when he was in his crib. That might be a good transition, although we enjoy that quiet time too. 🙂

  1. My husband was the one who tended to fall asleep putting the kids to bed… considering my youngest daughter has a bed that looks like a dollhouse, this led to some amusing pictures.

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