Birthday Preparations

Davey loves planning a party.  Tomorrow (or actually today as I am writing this after midnight) is David’s birthday.

“Streamers! Balloons!” is what Davey requested.  He wanted us to decorate for Daddy’s birthday.  So we did.

We went to get David some birthday presents today.  I told Davey that they were surprises for Daddy, and so he had to try not to tell him.

When we saw David after he got back from class, Davey was about to explode.  First he wanted to show him the decorations.  Then after awhile, David asked what we’d been doing while he was at class.  Davey started to tell him all the stores we went to.  I said, “Shhhh!” more to David to try to get him to not ask Davey questions!   Davey stopped, and then he started kind of mumbling to himself.  He was so excited but was trying very hard to keep our surprises going.  He did great, but it took some effort.

I wrapped David’s presents after Davey went to bed, so as to not further torture him with the not telling.  He will be so happy to celebrate tomorrow.  “Can I share the birthday with Daddy?”

“Sure,” I said.

So we picked up the cake this evening.  Presents are wrapped.  Some streamers and balloons have been hung.   Davey is ready!

We also went to Boo at the Zoo tonight, and we all had a great time.  I will put some pictures from that up tomorrow.

I am also knitting some.  I want to post a photo of the hat I finished.  So pretty.  I started some socks for David.  I knitted on them tonight because we watched a movie with subtitles, and trying to do the colorwork on my second Toe to Toe sock would not have worked out to well.  So I went for easy 2 row repeating pattern!

Happy Birthday David!

2 thoughts on “Birthday Preparations

  1. Happy Birthday David!
    Today is our youngest daughter’s birthday (Oct 30th). We are visiting for her birthday (and to see the grandbaby!) I made her a jack-o-lantern cake. I always made her Halloween birthdays.

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