Boo at the Zoo!

Last night we went to the Denver Zoo for “Boo at the Zoo”.   We had to buy our tickets weeks ago, and I am so glad we did.  It was a great time.  Davey loved it.  It was fun seeing the zoo at night.  The trees were decorated with lights.  It has warmed up here again, so it was just in the low 60s.

We saw sleeping lions.  There were sleeping seals sleeping 5 to a rock.  The African wild dogs were roaming in their packs.  (So cool to see every time.)  We saw the giraffes eating their dinner.  (There are two babies right now too!)

There were lots of trick or treating stations set up.

We made slime at one station.  Hmm…I haven’t seen that slime since last night.  It may be coming for us at this point.

David was having way too much fun with the lights and the camera.

There was a station where the kids could be “zookeepers”.  Davey loved this.  He put on his zookeeper cap, and he was ready to feed the “animals”.

He fed the snake.  I was not too thrilled feeding even a stuffed snake.  We fed him a mouse.

We fed grass to the hippo, and meat to the lion and the wolf.

Next we saw Stormtroopers, Princess Leia and is that Luke or the Harrison Ford guy – I mean Han Solo?

Davey could not quit looking at the Stormtrooper guy!

We watched a Fire Eater.  She could not possibly have any working taste buds.

Who knew that next would come one of the highlights of the evening:  The King Sooper station (grocery store here – same as Kroger).  They had…bread.  Davey hadn’t asked for any of his candy, cookies,  or other snacks all evening.  But when he saw that fresh loaf of bread, he immediately wanted Bread!  He ate two slices.


We were getting towards the end, but Davey was ready to stop for a moment at this coloring station.

And finally, I am not sure what he is doing here, but I just thought it was cute.  It was getting chilly at this point, and we’d abandoned the cape for a jacket.

Boo at the Zoo!

Today is David’s birthday celebration day.  There’s already been presents and cake.  Now trying to get Davey to relax a little.  It’s been busy.  So he’s watching a little Saturday morning Dino Dan.

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