Oma and Opa’s Tour

Yesterday, we all went on a little excursion.  We took Oma and Opa over to  Golden and to Red Rocks.  If you come visit us, this may become the standard tour.  We can work out alternate excursions as well or multiple day tours.  The standard tour began with lunch in Golden.  Really good place called Woody’s.  I don’t really have a great picture to demonstrate.

Part of the meal though always involves trying to keep Davey occupied until the food arrives.  Often David draws with him.

Then we walked through town to Clear Creek.  It was beautiful yesterday.  Just perfect for a walk.  The trail is so nice.

Such a pretty stream.

I kind of look like I was in pain here or something.  It was just the struggle of trying to hold that little wiggle worm!

Papa got comfortable and took a little rest.

Opa and Davey being silly!

We stopped for ice cream.  There’s a great place in downtown Golden.  Davey was very happy with his vanilla especially after he was offered sprinkles on top!

We went to Red Rocks.  I love to go there.  It’s just beautiful.  But here’s the only photo I took there.  I guess the dirt is red.  Davey certainly had fun playing in it.

So that’s the tour!  A great day with Oma and Opa.

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